More liquidity, qualified and motivated employees, advantage through optimal IT use!

- Your sales becomes a high performance unit
- Her HR department is more efficient than ever
- Their processes are fast and frictionless and supported by state-of-the-art IT techniques
Optimal communication enables you to reach your goals faster
Listed at KfW, BaFa, RKW Hessen and Offensive Mittelstand

B2B Vertriebsoptimierung & Business Development

B2B Sales Optimization & Business Development

Lead generation, cold calling, sales manuals
Sales optimization through the right strategy in combination with intelligent tools
Sales consultant and sparring partner
Joint development of your sales strategy
Coaching & field support
You want to launch a new product / service on the market?
You want to increase your sales, but sales are just stagnating?
You want to conquer new markets with existing products?
I will help you and assist you both strategically and in practical implementation


HR services

Support in personnel search and selection
Building and expanding your recruiting channels
personal review
Support for onboarding new staff
Planning, implementation and implementation of MSPs

Cooperation with various job portals
Creation of your recruiting strategy
Accompaniment to the staffing
Also not academic professions and training occupations
Offers for project providers, project seekers and consulting firms

Prozessoptimierung & IT-Einsatz

Process optimization & IT use

Examine your current processes in sales and HR

We work together with you on your company

Definition of new processes

Selection of suitable technologist and programs - We are your technical pilot

Introduction and implementation of new technologies

Project management and support

project examples

Some of our customers


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