CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are programs for customer relationship management. Introducing a CRM system costs a lot of money. Therefore, the product selection should not be left to chance. A structured approach to software selection helps to avoid risks. Firms should definitely draft a specification so that the manufacturer does not dictate the course of the project.

Companies know how important a customer relationshipmanagement for her is. Many companies have already recognized that in buyer markets a pronounced customer orientation determines their future. CRM projects are therefore among the larger investment projects of high strategic relevance, especially for medium-sized companies, with far-reaching effects at the operational level. Because such solutions are expensive, laborious to implement, and complex, businesses should choose products wisely.

CRM selection is a critical project phase

The selection of the CRM solution is one of the critical phases of the project. Often there are the reasons for a later dissatisfaction with the solution and even the failure of CRM projects. In most cases, given the lack of transparency in the ramified software market, it is not the systematic nature of the selection process, but also the fact that neither goals nor requirements for the technology were defined in advance. That is, with the software selection is often started at the wrong time.

The following steps have proven useful when introducing a CRM system:

  1. Defining goals - What should the system be able to do?
  2. Get a market overview - THE BEST CRM system does not exist
  3. Check industry orientation of the software
  4. preselection
  5. Fine selection with tender and offer comparison
  6. preliminary decision
  7. Fine Specification and Contract Negotiation †
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