THE job portal for non-academic professions and training

Jobs are everywhere nowadays. But career paths can only be opened up TEMPBUS create! The question of the right education, which later promises more than just a job, demands information. This offers unique and always up-to-date TEMPBUS.

It's about something completely new, even the name is program: TEMPBUS, abbreviated from lat. Temporibus, which means phases, stages of life, stages of life. Lifelong learning is the background of thought.

To orient oneself professionally also means to think outside the box. Anyone who tackles this in time can discover a lot of new and interesting things for themselves. After all, there are more than 300 training occupations in Germany. Even career paths that seem unattainable for the time being are possible with good planning.

The portal forms under World of Professions the professional development opportunities for Non-academics Completely off, terminates the usual search jumble and thus also serves as a useful and helpful source of information for professional first, new or reorientation.

Both all legally regulated training opportunities as well as the recognized training courses are compactly described TEMPBUS, The presentation is combined with the associated legal provisions and cross-references.

Smart bosses ensure timely security and seek out the staff of the future TEMPBUS - So that one does not have to reject orders in the future.

There are some important ones besides Industry sectors shown and described in detail. This provides an opportunity to connect your own employer brand with this compact information and to identify development paths in the interests of your company. Present yourself here in detail as a future-proof company. Ideally, it makes you a dream employer and sets you apart from competitors. The previous presentation is only an example and not exhaustive,

The offer is rounded off by TEMPBUS by Guide and current news from the job market, Another place for self-marketing in terms of employee recruitment. Employers can also place representations of their own employer brand and distribute it in parallel via various social media channels.

The comprehensive range of information takes into account the requirements of the market, where portals with pure lists of repeatedly forwarded job vacancies will become more and more important in the future. The job portals of the future must offer added value, which works best in the form of advisory and informal content.

TEMPBUS Of course, the searcher also has room to present himself. Under the button canditature After further registration all further steps are described in detail. Each depositor retains sovereignty over his data. This protection is very important to us at every point! Employers only see anonymized profiles. The final release is the responsibility of each individual! With the help of alerts and bookmarks, certain searches and topics can be identified, so that you always stay up to date.

With it offers TEMPBUS above all, a portal for a clientele that has so far only been neglected on the market. This often results from insufficient knowledge of the commercial and professional world of work. This ignorance of the structures and professional content often leads to miscarriages and expensive idling. At the same time, the problem of shortage of skilled workers is growing Non-academics exorbitant and will further aggravate. We know each other here!

What's more, some vacant positions require more intensive support in finding suitable candidates. Of course, we also carry active on request recruting by!

TEMPBUS - find your way!

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