We are training and coaching partners of medium-sized and large companies. Each of our trainers has many years of practical experience in business, industry and consulting.

Our values are based on reliability, trust and strict confidentiality. We specialize in companies where training measures are long-term and must be economical. On our website you will find references, customer voices and a telephone number for a free consultation.

  • Quality Guarantee: In case of a total evaluation of the seminar by your employees of less than 65%, you will receive your money back without additional conditions.
  • Performance guarantee: Our coaching pool protects you against a possible illness-related failure of a seminar.
  • Cost-effectiveness guarantee: Your employees can use interactive online training after in-house seminars. This is how theory becomes lived practice. In addition, you and your employees save on travel expenses and a lot of time.

Here is an excerpt from our seminar program

Leadership communication, sympathetic and genuine!
From a colleague to an executive
SERENITY - Principles of serenity for executives                                         

Personal externality and rhetoric
Executive Presence -Professional visibility for executives
Manipulative rhetoric and appropriate antidotes 
Enforce me!     

Digital Marketing and Marketing Law
Introduction to the professional search engine optimization
Secure corporate appearance: legally impossible on the web? Advertising consent 4.0

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