by ISMAN & Partners

Successful negotiation requires assertiveness, 
but also empathy. Courage, but also strong nerves. 
A little luck, but also a good coach.

After all, training is not part of the curriculum in any training, but is constantly on the agenda in everyday work - whether with business partners, works council members, employees or one's own team.

As an expert negotiating give
I like to share my experience with you and your colleagues:


Alternatively, I also sit myself at your negotiating table to get the best out of you and your company.

Either I work as a Ghost Negotiator only for your side, then I'll leave your back and set together with the negotiating team strategies and options for action. Or I moderate your negotiation for both sides. That is, I control the communication between the parties.

The goal: a consensus that makes both sides happy 
nobody loses his face and a collaboration
remains possible at eye level.

Through a negotiation training or my company, you will end up having the positive experience of achieving your goal and radiating it. Often with the result that you look forward to the next negotiation with a healthy dose of self-confidence. That's how it was with me, which is why I've specialized in this area.

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