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In principle, sales are only successful in the long term if they are based on a coherent concept with a well-balanced cost-benefit ratio and pursue a convincing strategy that optimally exploits the available potential.

But a well-conceived concept does not guarantee that the sales objectives will be achieved, but merely provides the basis for planning and implementing appropriate measures and must be regularly reviewed for efficiency and effectiveness.

Smaller adjustments and changes are continuously necessary to the sales processes to make it as optimal as possible.

The sales optimization by a sales analysis

However, more extensive sales optimization measures are required if the numbers associated with customer acquisition or the sales margins are well below the targeted sales targets.

As an aid that analyzes and evaluates the sales work, the sales analysis is used. As part of a sales analysis, all areas that influence sales success are systematically reviewed.

These factors include, but are not limited to, the positioning of the product, the product benefits, the buying and use behavior of customers, the distribution channels or the offers of the competitors. 

Instructions for sales optimization

If sales and distribution do not achieve the desired goals and overall sales successes seem rather mixed, there can be a variety of different causes for this. It is possible, for example, that the distribution channels are not optimally used, for example, if the distribution on distribution channels which only partially meets with the approval of customers, but at the same time does not or only casually uses promising sales channels.

Such vulnerabilities can be detected by a comparative assessment. Another cause may be salespeople who are not sufficiently qualified or motivated. Here are measures for sales optimization in the form of training, further education and appropriate incentive systems possible. Weaknesses in the sales organization can by analyzing the planning and the sales controlling be determined and mitigated by appropriate countermeasures.

Last but not least, the distribution structure itself should be critically scrutinized. As the market is constantly changing, distribution structures that have been developed some time ago can no longer be up to date and in line with the market.

In principle, however, it makes sense to carry out sales optimization measures at regular intervals, because sales are the part of the business that generates sales and thus ensures that the costs can be covered and the higher-level corporate goals achieved.

For example, the analysis and action can be carried out on the basis of a checklist adapted to the company, its portfolio of services and the market environment.

Strategy and concept for sales optimization

In order to be able to optimally optimize sales in the long term, key figures should be determined and evaluated at regular intervals. By evaluating key figures for, for example, the performance measurement or the vulnerability determination, the sales planningimproved and cost-effectiveness checked.

Important In this context, however, not only are values ​​such as customer contacts or the number of offers and contracts, but also the acquisition costs per customer. Based on these values, an evaluation of the sales staff is possible, namely in the form that it is based on the contribution to cost-effectiveness.

Another important factor in sales optimization is a clear and unambiguous communication of the sales goals and the overall corporate goals. Each sales representative represents the company externally and is not just a salesperson, but also a consultant, problem solver, and service provider. To be able to perform these tasks, a sales employee must not only be appropriately qualified. Equally important is that he has the information he needs and knows what he can and should sell to whom, in what form and to what extent.

This also includes informing the sales representative in a comprehensible way about the organizational structures and possible changes. The easiest way to do this is to use an organization chart that clearly identifies tasks, responsibilities, communication and information channels. 

In general, sales are one of many organizational units in a company.

However, as the sales department constantly comes into contact with changing contact persons in the form of customers, business partners and sales partners, it requires special control and monitoring instruments.

This begins with the fact that sales must be carefully planned, structured and organized in all steps and levels, because only in this way are sales successes not random products but planable and measurable quantities.

The guidance for a successful sales organization therefore concentrates on comprehensive analyzes of the customer target groups and the market situation, on a conscientious sales planning including the selection of suitable sales channels and the qualification of the sales staff as well as a continuous review of the strategies, the sales goals and the Selling expenses.

If deviations occur, the causes must be determined and appropriate countermeasures initiated as soon as possible. In this way, a permanent sales optimization results, which can prevent necessary serious changes in the short term.

Sales is still an essential, if not essential, factor for increasing business performance. Optimizing sales has a positive impact on the whole company.

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