The Advanced Personnel Optimization is a comprehensive examination of your current personnel situation and takes 3 days, of which at least 2 are at your site.

It includes:
- Preliminary talks with defined key players
- Comprehensive as-is analysis of the various areas
- Creation of a TARGET concept
- final interview

Goal: Increasing competition through strategic personnel planning

The following areas are examined:

  • HR & temporary work
  • Time work / temporary workers
  • cost transparency
  • Personnel shortages

Rethink and optimize work processes

In HR, valuable time is often lost. Here are some examples of where time wasters lurk and how time could be saved.

  • "Paper economy" and paperwork
  • Prevent double data entry
  • holistic personnel management systems
  • Outsource time-consuming personnel tasks to experts
  • digitalization
  • Rethink time-consuming work processes
  • Define tasks and divide them meaningfully
  • Avoid duplication of work by clearly assigning tasks

Overall, all activities must be economically justifiable.

The analysis is carried out using the method of the Initiative Mittelstand and other analysis tools. All are best practice methods that are sufficiently comprehensive to be able to develop concrete suggestions for improvement.