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Consulting & active support of SMEs
From start-up to company succession

My name is Gerold Kiefer and I am the one Owner of VeMaRegio.
I am a Diplom-Betriebswirt / MBA, Organization Programmer and Project Manager.
I have been working in the ICT industry for almost 30 years. I started as a programmer, back then in the host environment (COBOL, IMS, DB2, OS / 390). Later, I went through the first beginnings of object-oriented programming (C ++, C #). For more than 25 years I am now in the Sales, Marketing, Project Management and HR department. During my time as an employee, I have gone through all sorts of positions, from sales representative to managing director. Since 2010 I am self-employed, since 2013 there is the VeMaRegio.

I work together with a network of specialists. We specialize in the requirements and needs of SMEs.

Strengthening and improving the economic situation of SMEs is our goal. Therefore, we rely on a holistic, customer-oriented consulting approach, operate extensively in the region and have an exclusive partner network to cover as many needs as possible from a single source.

The 4P method
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B2B sales for ICT companies
Active sales support, business development, management, strategies, coaching, field support, manuals
Optimized human resources for ICT companies
Recruiting, Interviews, Personnel Selection, Onboarding, Managed Services
Training / education
Training of hard and soft skills, individually and professionally by experienced trainers 
Business Improvement
Improvement of your processes, introduction of modern methods and tools, Scrum, digitization, IoT


The price assessment is a subjective evaluation of the price by the buyer. Your result is the price judgment. In the price assessment is between inexpensiveness and the value for money distinguished. The inexpensiveness is based only on the price of the product. Preiswürdigkeitsurteile On the other hand, they are multidimensional, distinguishing between price and quality. They therefore affect the price-performance ratio of a product.